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Membership Meeting:

Second Thursday 7:00 pm  

President Abraham Lincoln
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The 29th Ohio Living History Association was formed in 2009 by a group of seasoned reenactors, both men and women desiring to honor the memory of those men from Summit County, Ohio who fought in the Civil War, and the civilians who went along or stayed on the home front.  We study and research the history of the 29th Ohio Regiment, and how it participated in the Union Army for four years from 1861 - 1865.

Our group visits historical sites, and tours battlefields where the Civil War was fought. As an association, we are more than just a group of reenactors.  The 29th Ohio participates in both national and local Civil War Reenactments, Living Histories, and Historical Presentations.  We also participate in Parades, Commemorations, Monument Dedications, and are honored to be the Color Guard and Honor Guard for historical events.  

We are all a Family

The 29th Ohio Living History Association is a family orientated group encouraging those families who wish to participate together, either as reenactors or historians.  As reenactors, we stress authenticity and strive to help those who are new to the hobby.  As historians, we enjoy taking our families on excursions and learning more about those who fought in the Civil War.  

If you would like to join the 29th OVI or learn more about us, please click on our “Join the 29th” page or click the “Contact Us” 

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Living History

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Membership Meetings:

Third Thursday 7:00 pm