29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Company G

I Brig. II Division XII Corps.
Army of the Potomac
After Action Reports
​​May 27, 1864

29th Ohio Co G

I am pleased to report during the most recent engagements
​with the soldiers of the rebellious south, Company G of the
​29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment performed admirably.
​On May 24 the Battalion disturbed a rabble of dissidents and
​proceeded with haste to maneuver to engage, swiftly moving
​from column to battle line. The men of the 29th Co G held
​their spirits high during these pre battle movements. Once the
​Battalion was on line, we were kept as part of the reserve as
​the first company was deployed into skirmish line to ascertain
​the size of the forces we had stumbled upon. After a time the
​remnant of the battalion was called upon to support the
​skirmish line and we advanced in a battle line, ever intent upon
​the enemy who remained hidden amongst the brambles.
​The company was surprised by the announcement of enemy cannon in our front which resulted in a pause in our advance.
After what seemed an eternity the regiment finally received artillery support and a cannon duel ensued. With the enemy cannon thusly engaged the infantry was once again free to pursue direct action against the enemy. The regiment began a series of short advances to unhinge the rebels from their hiding, during which several casualties were suffered. At night fall we had been unsuccessful in our endeavor and we had to retire due to darkness.
On May 25th, the battalion was again assembled with the purpose of driving the Confederates out of their works and hiding places. Despite several attempts, the regiment was unable to dislodge the enemy and they seemed to be reinforced. This cost our regiment dearly in the loss of life and in our ability to achieve our original goal. Company G fought valiantly but to no avail, the numbers were turned against us and we had lost support on both our company flanks. Our artillery had been silenced, and most of the battalion right had been captured or driven from the field. The only choice remaining was to engage in an orderly withdrawal to safer ground to reorganize.
The regiment was relieved during the evening of the 25th and saw no further action during the remainder of the conflict.


Robert Rock

Captain, 29th Ohio Co G.