29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Company G

I Brig. II Division XII Corps.
Army of the Potomac
Living History

March St. Patrick's Day Parade Downtown Akron, Ohio

May Green Memorial Day Parade Green, Ohio 
August Doylestown Parade Dolyestown, Ohio

Reenactments & Recruitment

April Spring Drill Octagon House Marshallville, Ohio

June 18-19 Painesville Reenactment

August 13-14 Hale Farm Reenactment Carter

September 17-18 Zoar Reenactment

August 27th Recruitment Day at Summit County Historical Society

Living History

June 25th Bobby Horton Concert Summit County Historical Society

July 2nd Canal Fulton play on canal boat

July 4th Howard Carter Grace Park Howard Carter

July 16-17 Marlboro Volunteers Living History Timeline

August 7th Lakeview Cemetery Dedication Ceremony

Oct. 2nd Hudson History Fest Case-Barlow Farm

Honor Guard

August 7th Henry C. Thompson Sr. Lakeview Cemetery Dedication Ceremony

Memorial Day Honor Guard
Zion United Church of Christ North Canton, Ohio

October 15th Alvin Smith Graveside Ceremony Sons of Union Veterans Mt. Peace Cemetery Akron, Ohio