29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Company G

I Brig. II Division XII Corps.
Army of the Potomac
The purpose of these standards is to help the new recruit avoid purchasing unnecessary items that would not be in keeping with the standards of the 29th OVI Company G.  It is the desire of this unit to present an authentic impression in keeping with the uniform standards of the original 29th OVI.
    Equipment & Uniform  Standards
          Equipment Standards of the
                    29th OVI Company G:

    Cartridge Box - Black, OVM or US box plate

    Cap Box - Black

    Haversack - Black Tarred

    1853 Three (3) band
    Enfield Rifled Musket

    Appropriate Bayonet and Scabbard
    US Regulation

    US Canteen - with Wool Cover

            Uniform Standards of the
                     29th OVI Company G:

    Four Button Sack Coat or Frock coat  Federal Blue

    Trousers - Sky Blue

    Period Shirt - Military or Civilian


    Forge Cap (preferred)
    Slouch hat, or Kepi (optional)

    Brogans or Period boots (if there is a foot disorder)

    Gray Wool Socks

    Belt - Black, OVM or US Buckle